Say No To 0871

Welcome to Say No To 0871, your guide to saving money on your phone calls by saying no to calling 0871 numbers.

To say no to 0871, you need to make sure that you dial a phone number that doesn't begin with 0871. It will often save you a lot of money, as 0871 calls can cost upwards of 20 pence a minute.

Try asking the company you're calling for a local number that isn't 0871, or maybe a number that you can call from abroad.

Take a look at your correspondance from them, as it may have a "from overseas" number that you can turn into a UK number by dropping the +44 and adding a zero instead.

It really is that simple to say no to 0871.

Hopefully this little tip will save you a lot of money.

Some other websites that might be able to help you include:

A good directory of alternative numbers, a very useful resource indeed.

General Money saving advice on phone calls and other things too.

The history of 0871 numbers in more detail from the regulator of phone services in the UK.

0871 numbers were introduced many years ago for businesses to have a professional image, but also to "revenue-share", basically this meant they keep a portion of the call cost.

With the advent of "free calls to landline" packages, phone companies still had to pay the "revenue-share" agreement fee to the companies owning the numbers, so they couldn't afford to give free calls to 0871 numbers. This meant you as the consumer had to pay extra to call them. That is the sole reason why you should Say No To 0871 :-)

Don't forget that we also have a page with information on how to Say No To 0845 :)

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